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At Royal Home Watch, our goal is to give you peace of mind while you are away. Our services are designed to care for your home, being your eyes and ears to inspect your property inside and out thoroughly. We aim for you to return to your home as if you never left.​

We know how important it is to have a service provider that you can trust and depend on. That is why, at Royal Home Watch, we prioritize providing you with fantastic service you can count on.




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Interior & Exterior

Vendor Access

Concierge Services

Copying Down

Emergency Visits

Emergency Visits Service

Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting Service
Vendor Access Service

Why Home Watch is Important?

Home watch is a professional service necessary for seasonal homeowners or individuals who spend lengthy periods of time away from their homes. Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Our professional services prevent you from returning to a home damaged by water, mildew, vandalism, pests, etc. Home watch service is designed to bring you peace of mind, knowing your home is cared for.

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